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Any electric power of the provisional govt in circumstance of a vacuum? August 28, 2022

Ittihad Darwish wrote in Kuwait Al-Anbaa:

The constitutional discussion on the powers of the provisional governing administration, on the thought of these powers and their limits, has turned into a political conflict and a war of constitutional jurisprudence.

With the commence of the countdown to the presidential elections and Lebanon entering the constitutional deadline for electing a new president, the debate commenced on the capacity of the provisional governing administration to think the powers of the President of the Republic and there was discuss of the possibility of withdraw the mandate from President Najib Mikati, top to the so-called govt float.

What are the powers of the provisional government in the celebration of a presidential vacuum?

The head of the “Justicia” Foundation for Human Rights, the lawyer Dr. Paul Morcos, clarifies these powers to “al-Anbaa”, describing that according to post 62 of the Structure, the powers of the President of the Republic are transferred to the Council of Ministers, in the occasion that the Presidency is cost-free from problems, no matter of whether or not it is a provisional govt.A true company or govt that assumes at least the duties of the President of the Republic, that is, avoids all superfluous and non-superfluous powers. Thus, this text was considered to assurance the continuity of the federal government and constitutional institutions by not interrupting their get the job done.

In accordance to the higher than, Dr. Morcos stresses that the structure, by its mother nature, does not supply for details, the procedural facts of which are derived from jurisprudence, constitutional jurisprudence and constitutional norms that direct to say that the govt workout routines the powers of the president in the gentle of the presidential vacuum in the rigorous sense.



Initially, mainly because the condition is remarkable and, 2nd, since this authorities is a provisional federal government and not a federal government with whole powers.

In context, Dr. Morcos factors out that the void does not exist, and the constitution does not know the void, and there are mechanisms for the transfer of authorities and the continuation of establishments. It can be reported that there is what politicians phone emptying. in the supposed and intentional perception, which is a different make a difference, but the void never occurs.

Dr. Morcos clarifies that the structure establishes specific mechanisms for the election of a president of the republic in Articles 49, 73, 74 and 75, and consequently there is no constitutional or excuse of any sort in the structure for not electing a president of the republic.

Pertaining to the discussion on the revocation of the provisional authorities or on the withdrawal of the workplace, Dr. Morcos factors out that there is no explicit textual content in the structure that talks about the withdrawal of place of work and there is no govt float, and this phrase is a hybrid heresy that does not appear close to the that means of the structure, which delivers for the development of a new governing administration. , on the other hand, the new government may be very similar to the earlier federal government, which is a further make any difference, subject to the settlement of the President of the Republic and Prime Minister designate, and subject matter to the parliament trusting this govt, possibly itself or with some amendments .

On the other hand, it is appealing to improve the government at all and not to clone the existing government, and this subject is permissible as extensive as it goes as a result of the constitutional mechanisms to kind the governing administration, but there is nothing like floating the federal government back again to the Chamber of Deputies. , and this is a thing that the constitution does not know as outlined previously mentioned.

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