Dr. Paul Morcos, Attorney at Law, is JUSTICIA’s president. He is also the founder of JUSTICIA Beirut Consult Law Offices (www.justiciabc.com) and a Law Professor at the American University of Beirut, the Lebanese University, and La Sagesse University (Previously) at Saint-Joseph University (Actually).

Judge Mayssam Noueiry, Former Director-General of the Lebanese Ministry of Justice since June 2014.She has various publications in the field of commercial law, arbitration, and women judges.Judge Noueiri has participated in several conferences, seminars, and workshops as an attendant and as a keynote speaker.

Judge Dr. Elias Nassif, former Judge (Served more than 40 years in the judiciary), President of honor of the Supreme Court, Professor in universities and author of large number of legal encyclopedias.

Me. Mohamad El Hajj is JUSTICIA’s vice president. Me. El Hajj is a researcher in the fields of law and human rights. He is also the notary public of Tyre, Lebanon.

Antoine Loutfi is a founding member of Justicia and the foundation’s treasurer. Mr. Loutfi is an economist and a demographical analyst. He has a deep knowledge in the banking sector with more than eighteen years of experience. He holds a DESB in Banking studies, a DESS in Demographics and a bachelor degree in Sciences & Economics. Mr. Loutfi has many professional certificates from the Central Bank of Lebanon, the Association of Banks in Lebanon and from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, London.

Haytham Farook El Ajam is a founding member of JUSTICIA. He is also a journalist, an economic analyst, and an economic and social rights consultant.