PhotoJUSTICIA Participates in “Religion and the State” conference in Turkey

JUSTICIA joined members of numerous civil society organizations from Lebanon, Sweden, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Palestine at the "Religion and the State" conference in Istanbul -

Delegations of the civil society both from Lebanon and foreign countries such as Sweden, and other Arab countries such as Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Palestine have participated in the "Religion and the State" seminar organized in Istanbul - Turkey from 25 to 28 March, 2010, by the International DAR ANNADWA in collaboration with the OLOF PALME International Center from Sweden.

    Reverend Dr. Riad Jarjour, representing the “Forum for Development Dialogue and Culture” from Lebanon, chaired the session entitled "Religion and the State and its effects on Cultural diversity within a country".

    The president of Justicia Foundation for Development and Human Rights, Dr. Paul Morcos, and the attorney Karine El Kareh from the said association, the Advisor of the Minister of Education Dr. Wajih Kanso and Dr. Pamela Chrabieh have participated to the seminar.

    Dr. Morcos delivered a lecture entitled "Mobilizing younger generations to actively participate in the political life in a diversified society", emphasizing that "the main obstacle in Lebanon is not in its religious diversity, but in the absence of the rule of Law and its implementation, calling for "the adoption of the Human Rights Charter as an umbrella unifying all the Lebanese people, and the execution of the HRC standards’ approved in the international Jurisprudence and doctrine, as long as the HRC get the unanimity of the Lebanese people and offer special solutions to civil rights, political, social, economic and cultural development ".